Digital Restoration for Comics



Allan Harvey

Restoring the past…

Allan Harvey is a Welsh artist, graphic designer and writer with a passion for comics. He has created comics for a variety of publishers over the years, including Factor Fiction Press, POS and the Comics Creators Guild. He has also written articles for Back Issue magazine, published by Twomorrows, looking at aspects of comics history. In more recent times Allan has been heavily involved in the restoration of numerous classic comics, utilizing his extensive digital photographic and graphics expertise. The A Distant Soil restoration, which saw him digitally remastering several hundred pages of Colleen Doran artwork to pristine glory for a new graphic novel edition for Image Comics, led to further such projects from a variety of publishers. He did much of the production work, including the classic Marvel cover restorations, for Stan Lee’s Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir graphic novel.

He lives in London, and is allergic to his cat.